Ad that brings us to a place where Product Discovery turns into Product Delivery. So first we think about what good thing to build, and then we think about how to build it well. And here is one more important thing about the entire Product Discovery, because at this moment, together with the guys from UIG Studio and not only (because it is also worth greeting the whole team, which was more diversifid), we are finishing this first stage of Product Discovery.

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Am sure that already with Meteotrack, he will strive for such a Continuous Product Discovery, because market expectations are whatsapp mobile number list changing, users’ neds are being discoverd all the time. This technology is also changing, offering new possibilities, so product discovery is basically something that never ends. Something that you always have to have in the back of your mind and be ready for some change, for some smaller or larger pivot of the business model or the solution itself. I hope I briefly presentd the assumptions behind Product Discovery. Of course, everything I said we will talk about specific examples. how we carrid out this process on the example of Meteotrack Agro.

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To build this narrative, we will also use this model, which is also often referrd to in Product Discovery. This is a model calld double Taiwan Database diamond. And so, as you can see, we have some challenge at the beginning. At the very end we have some result, car, and on the way we have two hills. The first hill we climb, this way up, is the stage of discovery, that is, of expanding. This is the stage when this amount of information and the amount of information, that is, this information chaos and all the confusion, is growing and growing consciously. Because the point is that we discover the widest possible perspective so as not to miss something important.

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