Often affects everyone. Surely we have experienced a loss of desire or will to do something, even when coding, we are often overwhelmed by feelings of laziness. Feeling lazy about coding is commonplace and we often experience it. However, this feeling of laziness should not be allowed to stay with us for too long. feeling lazy can also be detrimental to yourself. So, how do you overcome the feeling of laziness that won’t go away when coding? Before you look at 10 ways to overcome laziness, first try to pay attention to a quote that will really hit you from Bong Chandra. You need to know that Bong Chandra is one of the youngest businessmen and motivators in Asia. “Laziness is a victory in the present and a defeat in the future” (Bong Chandra) From the quote above.

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Feeling lazy will bring defeat in the future. So, start early to overcome laziness. If you feel lazy, then don’t let it continue. If you continue to let it happen, it will get worse, making laziness worse. Therefore, immediately take a look at the following 10 ways to overcome lazy coding. 1. Immediately change perception Point of View. Perspective whatsapp data Because laziness lives within us, the main factor in overcoming laziness is ourselves. By changing the perception in your mind from having to to wanting to . Must and want are words that have different meanings. Having to is like coercion because you have to do it, while wanting is like awareness because you have the will to do it. So, when you feel lazy while coding, try immediately changing your perception from having to to wanting to .

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Be defeated thanks to the awareness within us to want to start coding again, not because of the pressure of increasingly tight deadlines which creates the need to start coding again. 2. Look for Motivation to Motivate Yourself Motivation for Lazy Coding Motivation can be a way to overcome feelings of laziness when coding by Taiwan Database reviving enthusiasm. Even though encouraging yourself is quite difficult to do, there’s no harm in trying to find motivation from the people around you. Apart from that, you can also imitate famous figures. As a programmer, you can look for motivation from forums or programmer .

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