A Phishing attack is when someone is trying to trick you. The goal is to obtain your personal information over the internet or trick you into taking actions with the aim of defrauding them in some way.

Phishing emails appear to be valid and from trustworthy senders. The goal is to trick users into opening the attachment(s) or clicking on a link and then trying to obtain their information.

Beware of Phishing! Don’t be fooled…

Phishing is typically carried out through emails, advertisements or websites that look similar to the companies or businesses they are trying to impersonate.

Please note that emails or websi Venezuela Mobile Number List tes used for phishing may ask you for data such as:


Phone Number List

User and Passwords, and even changing passwords

Social Security Numbers, Citize Australia Phone Number List n Card;
Bank account and credit card numbers;
among other personal information
Beware of Phishing! Don’t be fooled…

Types of Phishing
Phishing: Used to obtain personal data in which hackers pretend to be known/credible entities (banks, insurance

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