On the Internet, the most practical way to do this is by elevating your brand from “a company” to an entity: a creature with its own personality , capable of attracting and dialoguing with every human being behind the computer or cell phone. Humanization is the keyword here — and nothing is more human than having personality ! Tip: Brand Positioning: Digital Marketing examples The future of Digital Marketing So far, you’ve learn about the 7 main strategies shown by Cláudio Torres in “The Digital Marketing Bible” to create a profitable digital identity .

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 Next, I will comment on what Cláudio points out as technologies that you ne to keep an eye on for the future of Digital Marketing: Blockchain Blockchain is a technology capable of generating unique electronic r new data ecords for infoproducts (courses, e-books , etc.). One of the most us analogies to explain blockchain is works of art: there are originals and replicas. When an infoproduct is.

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 The Orgânica library was creat with the idea of ​​offering you several other digital books on Digital Marketing to continue your learning . From zero to your first million, everything you ne to learn is there. Access now! Free library on Organic Marketing, Sales and Customer Retention Tip: Orgânica is a specializ Digital Marketing agency . Know more! Do you want Attracting new customers to your business, building a relationship Taiwan Database of trust and retaining them is not a very easy task, but it is possible through a technique call lead generation . Don’t know what it’s about or have questions? Rest assur.

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