Thank you for your persistence! We visit many areas relat to search engine optimization. Not all of which were certainly new features. But some of them. At least in our experience. Are duplicate content is a familiar term to many people interest in search engine optimization. As it is always a potential danger to your sites search engine discoverability. Duplicate content means that your site has the same content text in two different urls. Which can confuse google.

Rankings but also the user experience

Because that would not only harm seo rankings but also the user experience. Duplicate content refers to content that appears in more than business email list one url. When similar content can be found on several pages. It is difficult for search engines to determine which content is more relevant compar to another. Search engines cannot decide by themselves which of the contents is correct or best in terms of the sites search engine visibility. And may not be able to show the desir page in the search results.

Keyword cannibalization can eat away

Keyword cannibalization can eat away at your visibility cannibalization of search terms or keywords is a common Taiwan Database problem that even more experienc content producers fall into. The problem is very broad and is encounter very often in website audits. Cannibalization often also happens when the site grows and content is actively written there. Without a proper content plan. It is easy to write content where the same keyword or set of keywords is highlight on several different pages.

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