Quevedo and Lola Índigo undertook different plans in the capital as part of the Mahou Cinco Estrellas “Madrid messes us up, Madrid finds us ” campaign . A campaign that pays tribute to the encounters that take place in the capital. The artists walked the streets of the city last Friday, enjoying the surprises hidden in a living, diverse metropolis that never sleeps. Once again the beer brand pays tribute to its city of origin and to the encounters between people , which as Mahou has pointed out on several occasions “are essential to living better.” Quevedo and Lola Índigo tour Madrid with Mahou Quevedo, the singer of the most listened to song of the summer.

In the middle of their tour

The metropolis, the artists enjoyed a meal surrounded by friends, such as the presenter Carolina Iglesias or the singers Recycled J and top industry data Belén Aguilera . To continue their day at Bar La Chanchullera, in Moncloa, where they were able to share some authentic Madrid beers with friends and invite a group of four girls and boys to go with them to the most fashionable urban party at night in Madrid: Bresh Party . In short, a series of unique meetings in which they enjoyed the company of loved ones and the essence of the 

Mahou's official social networks

His walk through Madrid was shared with his followers on social networks and live through  . Quevedo and Lola Indigo «Madrid troubles us, Madrid Taiwan Database finds us» The new campaign “Madrid troubles us, Madrid finds us” by Mahou Cinco Estrellas pays tribute to the city that saw the birth of the beer brand, on Amaniel Street more than 130 years ago . In the audiovisual piece released on the Day of the Almudena, patron saint of Madrid, the brand highlights that in the Spanish capital the question is not “where do you come from?”, but “why don’t you come?” and there is always a new plan to enjoy on every corner, a city that will always have a concert, a bar or a terrace to enjoy.

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