Castle is a Popular Visit During the Cherry

If you are going to spend the day visiting Himeji, you may arrive with heavy luggage. If this is your case and you don’t want to carry your suitcases, you can rent a locker at the same station and store your luggage there until you return.

Himeji Castle is special because of its imposing dimensions and because it has been preserved in magnificent condition throughout the centuries. Its construction began with the immense courtyards on which the castle sits, around the year 1400.

With the passage of time, the 80 different structures that are part of it were built inside

When you arrive at Himeji Station, go to the central Phone Number List gate and take the North exit. You will have the first image of the castle in the distance.

The Main Structure, the Central Body, is From the Year. 1609 and Today, It is Considered One of the Twelve. Original Castles in Japan , Because It Has Never. Been Destroyed (or Rebuilt) or Seriously Damaged by Wars. Nor Natural Disasters. Something That, Unfortunately, Has Happened With Other Old Castles.

Passing through the Otemon Gate , visitors can tour the outdoor, free-admission zone, known as Sannomaru. It is a very crowded place because it is perfect for contemplating and photographing the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Behind the Shishi Gate there is a series of tortuous paths forming almost a maze, with different doors leading to the castle. It is not accidental. They actually form a defense strategy from centuries ago, designed to baffle the enemy and delay a possible attack.

The castle is five stories high and you can reach the upper ones by ascending narrow stairs

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On each level, you will see informative signs in various languages Taiwan Database ​​that explain the main architectural features and the conservation and restoration efforts that have been carried out. The highest floor houses a small sanctuary.

The numerous windows allow you to contemplate views that will leave you breathless , both of the castle and its surroundings, as well as of the city of Himeji.

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