Well, maybe the third time… And no. the layout, make a post about it, share it on social media and say: ” The layout has been updated, check it out and comment, Did it go overboard or not!” ” 20. I tried to build too many streams of passive income at the same time It’s always easy to be an afterthought. in: Build one passively generating income stream first and make sure it’s generating steadily before you start the next one. The more you have in the works, the less time you can spend on them. The less time you spend… Well, as a smart reader, you know where this is going. faster to duplicate than trying to improve 5 at the same time. 21. I didn’t plan big changes with a long enough time frame  option, but if you don’t tell the creator of the online store what kind of products you sell or what kind of payment options you need in the future, you will run into problems.

Building an online store is a good

 A professional can’t do anything if you don’t know what you want. 24 Blogging Mistakes I Didn’t Want to Learn the special data Hard Way Whether it’s a €10.00 plugin or a €2,000.00 appearance update, think carefully and list for yourself what kind of end result you want. After that, talk to a professional and listen. You should never do  is also not to throw money at things that even a professional can’t make work. 22. I spent time on tasks that I really could have done later It’s frustrating to spend hours writing a blog post that can’t be published because the course I want to recommend or sell in the post isn’t ready yet. Because it hasn’t even been done yet. The idea is there, but the execution is exhausting. And that’s enough. A new idea always creates a sense of doing.

Everything yourself but the purpose

 But at some point the work stops. Always. That’s why time, energy and work must be focused on the things that are the most important at this moment. If you need time to do an online course, do other things beforehand and free up time to do the course. Don’t try to cram doing an online course in the middle of everything else, because it just won’t amount to anything. Either you never Taiwan Database finish the course, you publish the course incomplete, or the quality of the course does not match what you want. 23. I imagined that after 6 months of blogging, everyone would know who I am Uh, even though I’ve talked to my own ego several times, I guess I have to admit that sometimes the ego makes its voice heard. Less often nowadays, but more in the beginning. And I don’t need to be known by everyone.

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