The 10 new employees at the new online store must be over 18 and live in Ireland or the UK. Candidates will be interviewed virtually and. Those selected will be paid £13.15 per hour (around €15.46) . It is not yet clear how many hours per week the Roblox IKEA employees will work, but it is known that they will work in shifts. IKEA wants to. Get closer to younger generations As shared by IKEA’s National Director of People and. Culture for the UK and Ireland. Darren Taylor. The company is excited to be the. First brand to offer paid work on Roblox.

employees can change roles

aiming to showcase its unique approach to careers . As he stressed, there is no fixed path for career progression at IKEA. Direction they choose. Both in the Greece Mobile Number List game and in reality. “The Co-Worker Game”: IKEA is opening a virtual. Store and is hiring real people According to information shared by Tech Times. IKEA on Roblox will reflect the company’s philosophy.

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community will be memorable

offering opportunities for learning and Belgium Phone Number List development. Roblox’s head of fashion and retail partnerships. Winnie Burke. Told Rolling Stone that IKEA’s new venture shows how. Brands can connect with Gen Z. Who spend countless hours a day on the platform. More than that. He noted that brands. That engage with their active. To a generation that values ​​their digital life as much or more than their physical life , influencing personal style and career decisions.

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