Since 2009, this American businessman is well known for his participation in Shark Tank: a reality show that, instead of bringing together singers, dancers or actresses, focuses on the participation of small businessmen seeking investments for their businesses. The panelists must evaluate the projects, and decide whether to invest or not. It is in this program that Daymond John demonstrates all the skills that have made him one of the most recogniz entrepreneurs worldwide: he questions the weaknesses of the project, negotiates, quickly calculates the benefits or harms of the investment, decides to act.

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And he also acts coldly; He once told a participant: “It is an item that does not seem functional to me and, furthermore, it does not offer anything different from what is on the market. You work very hard to destroy your opportunity. “You waste your time and you make me waste mine.” Of course, the comment not only reveals his practical way of thinking, it also expresses his business email list work philosophy: every successful company requires perseverance, strategy and – above all – imagination. Although he manag to turn his company FUBU (For Us By Us), which start with an investment of $900, into an international brand that has a turnover of $6 billion a year, currently business does not seem to be his priority.

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 In 2015, the US government appoint Daymond John as Global Entrepreneurship Ambassador: his first measure was to support entrepreneurs who had never receiv support from the State and entrepreneurs in the field of digital technology to build their own brands. Additionally, he has work alongside President Barack Obama on the My Brother’s Keeper program, which aims to create Taiwan Database opportunities for African Americans through access to ucation. On the other hand, he has develop a career as an international speaker, whose main topics are marketing, business and entrepreneurship; He also works with celebrities and well-known companies, which are usually looking to create additional income and brand extensions.

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