A week ago, we reported that Nvidia may have suffered a cyber attack. Although the company did not confirm this at the time, it did say that it was investigating the situation. However, more data was released the following day, proving that the brand’s servers had been hacked by the hacker group LAPSU$ , which compromised around 1 TB of data.

In turn, the latest information reveals that the attack exposed more than 70,000 Nvidia employees’ data.


Over 70,000 Nvidia employee data leaked

There are now new details about the recent cyber attack suffered by the giant Nvidia. According to the information, the hacker group LAPSU$ helped in this Colombia Mobile Number List way to disclose the data of 71,355 employees of the company of GeForce RTX graphics cards.

According to the popular website ” Have I Been Pwned “, the exposed data includes ” .

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This amount of data released

Nvidia has just over 20,000 employees worldwide. Therefore, although the company does not share more specific details, it is inferred that this data may Australia Phone Number List belong not only to active employees, but also to former employees and employees . With several different accounts in order to access internal and external services of the brand.

But the trouble doesn’t end there, as the LAPSU$ group has also . Managed to obtain two more code signing certifications, despite both of them having expired.

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