Native integration with forms. Disadvantages: It does not have a Spanish version. They ask you to provide a trial version of your credit card information. The price is not too cheap. Hosted Doppler Doppler’s simple and highly recommended email marketing software, with its drag-and-drop system, can create email marketing campaigns in record time. Doppler also has a highly developed automation system that enables you to create highly personalized sales channels.

It was pretty simple, right?

You will be able to schedule automated shipping and personalized special data content based on the user’s behavior. With its SMS system, you will be able to send notifications to users who provide you with their mobile phone number in accordance with the user interaction and the conditions you set. The Doppler interface also has a “ push” notification system that allows you to start notifications on your own website.

Once we have created our Mailerlite account

You can also send email marketing campaigns with embedded videos. Advantages: Spanish version. Leading score. Text messaging system. Send social events. Cons: It has no free version; just a trial period of days. Its interface is basic. Easy Mail Converter Suite Taiwan Database Spanish-language email marketing tools let you manage subscribers and send emails easily and efficiently. With this, you will be able to easily create audiences, add subscribers or create forms.

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