Both the website and the images have their own unique addresses. After entering them into the web resources, the user is redirected to the content of the given page.

E-store managers forget that although content rules SEO , graphics still play a leading role. What makes an image URL unique ? What steps should be taken to properly optimize graphics?

You will find the answer to these questions in the article we prepared.
The acronym URL itself comes from the English expression – Uniform Resource Locator, which in Polish means a unified resource locator.

URL the basics everyone should know

It works by locating files with different extensions on the Internet. What elements make up a URL? There are five of them: protocol, domain name, file paths, queries and anchor.

Where to find the image URL?
To find the URL of a graphic on the website, simply click with the right Ws Number List mouse button (in Windows) or with two fingers on the trackpad (Apple version), or hold down the CTRL key, then click to display the context menu.

The next step will be to select one of the options: “Open image in a new tab”, which should allow you to view the parameters of the photo and therefore its URL.

Where to find the image URL

The URL to the image is a valuable tip for algorithms that use it to define the location of a specific website and at the same time navigate the Taiwan Databas interested user to it. So what should you take care of to ensure that positioning taking into account graphics brings the expected results? Check out the rest of the post!

One of the rules that applies to both websites and graphics is to follow the correct construction of the URL address. If it is constructed in accordance with Google’s requirements, it will have a positive impact on the accuracy of website selection by Internet users and will be perceived positively by the changing search engine algorithms.

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