We have already established that both images and URLs are important in the SEO process. Now we will present you the reasons why it is worth using the potential of the graphics you create.

High-quality photos posted on the website go hand in hand with a more positive perception of the disseminated content, thanks to which Internet users are more willing to stay on the website and continue the purchasing process.
Profit in the form of an additional source of organic traffic.

Making the messages posted on the website effective. The combination of a well-prepared graphic URL with signatures and tags equipped with keywords increases its adequacy of matching to targeted queries.

More organic traffic a short guide to using URLs

More about optimizing photos on websites
Although it may seem that the URL address of graphics does not seem to be of much importance, the reality is slightly Whatsapp Number List  different. Search engines like to take into account the size of images, the tags used (the alt attribute, whose role is to describe visual elements in the form of text) and the format of posted photos.

As you have already noticed, in SEO every, even the smallest, detail is important, so in order to be among the most frequently searched pages, you cannot stop at just one action. Make sure that URLs meet the expectations of algorithms and web users.

It is important to implement key phrases that have high value in the bot verification process.

The relationship between URL graphics and SEO

Rule number 2. Punctuation is important, also when constructing URL addresses. Nobody likes chaos Taiwan Databas in construction, including web crawlers. Make sure everything is legible and separated by dots or dashes.

Rule number 3. Short, concise and to the point. The longer the URLs, the less effective they are in indexing.

Rule number 4. Not only in understanding the importance of image URL for SEO, but also in relation to each element with a unique address, it is necessary to equip it with keywords.

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