Each Onsen Has a Changing Room in Which

Leave your cell phone and camera because photos are not allowed . It is important not to forget a small towel. If you use the onsen of your hotel or ryokan normally in your room you will find the appropriate towel for this purpose.

On the other hand, if you visit a public onsen , you will have to bring your towel or buy one at the entrance. The “washcloth” should be used to cover yourself whenever you are out of the water.

Before entering the onsen you should always wash yourself

For this purpose, you will see showers available Latest Mailing Database near the changing rooms.

You Can Do It With or Without Soap, but if You Choose. To Do It With the Latter, Make Sure That There Are No Traces. Of Product Before Entering the Onsen.

Some of the Older and More Traditional Onsen May Not Include a Modern. Shower Area. In These Cases, You Will Have to Bend Down and Wash Yourself. With the Water That You Can Extract From a Vessel With the Help of a Ladle.

In the Water
When You Enter the Onsen Water, Move Slowly and Try Not to Splash . Don’t Swim Around. As if You Were in a Pool, Either, Because. Onsen Are Meant for You to Soak and Relax, Not for Swimming.

Do not put the towel in the water because it is considered rude

Latest Mailing Database

Just like wringing it out and pouring the water into the Taiwan Database onsen. Place it on your head or somewhere, always out of the water, until you come out. Beware of slipping on the wet floor.

after the onsen
After leaving the onsen, take a shower again and make sure to leave the area you were in as you found it, neat and clean. If you have used a stool for your shower, return it to its place.

Most onsen have separate bathing areas for men and women, although some mixed onsen allow joint bathing.

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