When you travel to a country you don’t know, “culture shock” is inevitable. You may be a bit intimidated because you’ve heard about the number of things you should and shouldn’t do in Japan. Pay attention to the following tips and you can be sure that you will fit in perfectly (without screwing up) in this welcoming and hospitable country. Meetings and presentations.

Are introduced to you, and also when you say thank you or say goodbye. If someone bows down to you, you also respond by bowing your head.

Obeisances In Japan it is correct and polite to bow to a person when they

There are many rules and details regarding this Database very common ritual – how many times to bow, at what distance…- but as a tourist, nobody expects you to know them. Simply make an effort not to forget to bow, which is a sign of trust, respect, and affection (not submission).

Gifts and business cards
In formal meetings, it is common to exchange business cards, personal or company, when you meet someone with whom, perhaps, you hope to do business. In addition to the cards, you can bring a small gift from your home country.

Giving a gift is a sign of appreciation and is especially important if you are staying, as a guest, in a private home. Choose something small and representative of your country, a typical sweet or candies, a keyring with a special motif… use your two hands together, instead of just one, when giving or receiving a gift or card.

Clothing and attire take off shoes When entering a house a temple traditional-style accommodation


Even many restaurants and tourist places, you will have to Taiwan Database remove your shoes. Normally you will see a shelf where you can store your shoes and you will receive some light shoes to walk inside the enclosure.

If the traditional restaurant or hotel has tatami areas or straw mats covering the floor, remember to remove these slippers as well and leave them in the entrance area. On the tatami you walk barefoot.

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