Follow relevant #hashtags on twitter. Search relat hashtags to find out what twitter users are talking about relat to your topics of interest. You may discover noteworthy events or uncover questions or frustrations that you can address in your next blog post. 23. Find out what questions people are asking about the influencer industry. Check out the social mia profiles of the influencer industry and see what questions their followers ask them. Make a list of questions that you can answer in future blog posts. 24. Take note of the topics discuss by the influencer industry. Speaking of influencers. You.Re not limit to the questions others are asking – look at recent topics they.Ve post.

The comments section can

Chances are. You.Ll find something relevant Asia email list that you can discuss in a blog post. 25. Find popular youtube videos. Search youtube for industry terms and take a look at videos with the most views and comments. The topics in these videos can make a great blog post. 26. Take a look at the comments section on recent blog articles or industry publications. The comments section can be very eloquent. Particularly on controversial topics. You may discover a widespread belief among your target audience that you can debunk in a blog post.

You can get great ideas for blog posts

asia email list

Visit their facebook page or twitter profile for industry blogs or publications. Conversations about recent articles also take place on social mia. So gauge reactions and opinions by also reading comments on twitter and facebook. You can get great ideas Taiwan Database for blog posts from these reactions. Or you can summarize popular opinions and add your own comments in a blog post. The list of staplers 28. Listen to podcasts. Subscribe to some niche podcasts – or even general podcasts – and listen to them during your trip or in your free time. Just listening to conversations and interviews can inspire some great blog topic ideas. Or you could summarize a favorite episode and add some commentary. Not sure where to start?

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