This is a Chrome extension that allows you to see all Find sources  the blogs, you follow in one feed. Here’s how it works Step Install Watcher Spy on Google Chrome To install Watcher Spy, you must first create a free account and receive an automatically generated password via email. Watcher Spy account details email save Once you have your credentials, you need to install Watcher Spy from the Chrome Web Store  started. Add to Watcher Spy Chrome button save When installing, be sure to pin the extension to the Chrome extension bar.

Create more feeds Find sources

 This will eventually unlock the app’s main interface. This will look like this: WatcherSpy main interface save  Add followers WatcherSpy allows you to create executive email list automated “followers” that pull in content from multiple sources. For example, let’s say you want to track BrianDean’s content from across the web. Click Add Follower , then enter BrianDean as the Follower Name. Add influencer name to WatcherSpy save Then copy and paste the appropriate URL into the corresponding field.

Get tracking

You can copy an influencer’s YouTube channel URL, Pinterest page URL, Twitter username, etc. Most importantly, you can copy their blog’s RSS feed URL. This allows you to Taiwan Database pull content directly from influencers’ blogs. WatcherSpy Follower Details save Once done, click Save Follower to finish this step .  Track all information With auto-followers up and running, your feed should contain content pulled from all specified URLs.

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