For this Dante had already tast the sweetness of power and the bitterness of betrayal . The Guelphs had open up to two options: moderately white diplomats and black extremist incendiaries. He, who had some errors and “peccadilloes”, was a victim of the envy of his partisan brothers and they exil him where God had not gone, being forc to wander through Lyon, Paris, Lombardy, Tuscany, Lunigia, Verona, and after This whole tour, where he had to leave Gemma di Manetto, a wife he never want, but who gave him Pro, Jacobo and Antonia as children, to her miserable fate, he arriv in Ravenna, which will be his last stop at the train station.

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His life. It is very likely that works as important as those in which his knowlge shines in the face of so much ignorance, convivio , or where he dares to pay homage to what tomorrow later will be the italian language, of the vulgar language, or his latest political proposal – after having reject b2b email list his pardon-, the monarchy, have been written on this traveling journey. What there is no doubt about is that his great dication to the world of literature will be his comy, an allegorical religious epic poem that seeks to straighten the sinful path and induce us in its own way to behave “nicely”, which costs us nothing to mitate calmly about.

Augustine of Hippo

The consequences of our sins and that if tomorrow later we want to wander through the gardens of en, we have no choice but to straighten our behavior and achieve that beatitude that will ring there in heaven. In the 100 cantos that the work has, and which are distribut in inferno (34 cantos), purgatory (33 cantos) and paradise (33 cantos), dante brings together 14,233 verses arrang in tercets chain Taiwan Database in hendecasyllables: in-the-middle-of-the-ca-mi-no-of-life-da i found myself wandering through the dark jungle in which the straight path was lost we notice that strong allegory that is involv in the entire work and that still draws on mieval thought: a constant and trinitarian “three” that is evident in the furious beasts that stop him at the beginning of his journey through the world of the dead lion-pride, panther-lust, wolf-gre.

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