On September 2, 1945, World War II end. Adolf Hitler, after the fall of Berlin in April of that same year, had allegly committ suicide. Some prominent figures of the National Socialist regime were captur and others manag to escape. The world was put on alert and the winning powers began proceings to judge the criminals. Some were sentenc to death; others were imprison for life or for a few years. Others were never found. And a few were relentlessly pursu and eventually captur.

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 In May 1960, a commando from Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, travel to Argentina to carry out a special mission. Adolf Eichmann, the transportation expert lieutenant colonel in charge of organizing the deportations of Jews to the extermination business database camps, had been locat there. After a follow-up that had last around fifteen years, he was found: under a false identity –Ricardo Klement was the name he had adopt–, Eichmann had settl in that South American country and work as best he could. He liv with his wife and his three children and, apparently, the world had forgotten him.

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 But not Israel. The Mossad agents in charge of the operation arriv in Argentina with false identities and dicat themselves to monitoring Eichmann for a few days, carefully studying his routine Taiwan Database movements. One night, when he was returning home after completing his work day, he was kidnapp, a few hours later put on a plane and taken directly to Jerusalem, where an Israeli court would be in charge of trying him. A year later he would be found guilty of crimes against the Israelite people and humanity, and sentenc to death by hanging.

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