But I still try to avoid making too much of a statement – ​​still. 13. The layout of the blog was confusing (because I took ideas from 50 different blogs and combined them with my own) It’s good to think about how you want your blog to look like, but it’s a mistake to try to “copy” all the great ideas you come across. If you notice that you rarely change the look of your blog that month, stop. Take a week and think carefully about what kind of look you want the blog to have, for what purpose the blog was created and what the goal of blogging is.  of the blog one section at a time and think about whether this change supports the whole or not. 14. I did not plan the content sufficiently The implementation of the blog post plan ( otherwise known as the publication plan ) took too long.

After that go through the layout

Only since the beginning of this year (2017) have I used the plan. There is only one challenge for me: If I make a plan for too long, I get frustrated latest database because there is so much work. That’s why I try to keep the plan to 4 blog posts, so at the moment I only know what I’ll write about in the next 4 blog posts. 15. I compared my own blog to other blogs No, no and again no. This is an endless quagmire where the only outcome is giving up. I struggled for a long time with the fact that I can’t be as good as “the others”. And even though “others” started contacting me and asking me for tips, I still felt inferior. 24 Blogging Mistakes I Didn’t Want to Learn the  yourself, your blog or your income to anyone else. It is absolutely impossible to be in the same situation as someone who has been blogging for 3 years, if you yourself started 6 months ago. When I started to focus on my own blog and my own work and “forgot” others, I quickly started getting results that I was happy with. 16. I didn’t ask readers questions The reader knows best what kind of content he wants to read from my blog. It is a big mistake to try to guess and assume.

Hard Way Never compare

 Since I value the time of my readers – that is, yours – I hope you will answer this one question. (finished) Answering only takes 3 minutes, but it guarantees that in the future you will read exactly the things that help and support you the most. 17. I didn’t market my posts systematically Even though I knew it was important to share blog posts on social media, I still didn’t do it systematically. Somehow I imagined that readers would find their way to my blog as if by miracle. The marketing strategy of blog posts has been in use Taiwan Database for a long time now and it brings results. 18. I didn’t launch a new blog In fact, I didn’t even know it was worth launching a blog. But launching a blog creates a nice buzz and gets people interested in your blog. You can even “recruit” your own launch team, who will share posts and comment on your blog posts on social media during the launch. 19. I didn’t launch the blog even when I changed the look At this point, I already knew that the blog should be launched. But I still didn’t do it. Heck. 

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