learning methods to pursue competency. Providing this ultralearning method really helped Arie gain the confidence to join a new division that implemented an agile system for the transformation of work systems at Bank CIMB Niaga. More than that, it turns The momentum changed for Arie when out there are extra benefits for anyone who is persistent in studying, including Arie. Accustomed to seeing Arie’s enthusiasm for independent learning, the team leader also had a feeling of trust. He was selected as one of 500 company IT staff to be involved in the DevOps team. The task of this team of 6 people is to launch a new internet banking service. This is Arie’s first mega programming project. Unexpectedly, Arie was entrusted with the role of Team Lead – Front-end.

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Developer Bank CIMB Niaga. “The provision of learning Java and Kotlin during GDK made it easier for me to code Javascript in my current position,” he exclaimed. change developer career Arie and his team received a visit from the CEO to the OCTO Clicks team work room Reflection on Achievement Looking back, 2 years ago Arie’s profession was still that of a geologist without basic programming. But hard work whatsapp database definitely pays off. With the three efforts above, Arie is firmly in his career now, leading the developer team at the company. What did Arie say? “What I got from the Dicoding class was the structured learning technique and the good community. “After GDK 2018, we continued to form Android Enthusiasts Jakarta which is active until now” (Arie) His mission is to become a CTO or at least the equivalent of a Director. Regarding the story of changing .

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Direction, he is sure he is not alone.the choice to change jobs, he left a message: “The disease of people who have worked for a long time in a settled company is the comfort zone. If we want to go out and take risks by studying, actually age is not an obstacle to achieving our dreams. Jeff Bezos created Amazon at the age of 30. The creator of Black Berry Messager, Gary Klassen, also started Taiwan Database his product at a relatively similar age, even though he was a geologist like me. The point is, don’t complain. Don’t stop learning. When we stop studying, there is always someone ready to replace us.” 3 Secrets to Changing Developer Careers – end Let’s look at the stories of other developer career changes from the following figures Shifting Steering to a Programmer Career at Head.

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