Action: This is the time to put. Therefore, your How to do hand in the dough! Make the planning that is on paper and put into practice everything you analyzed. Don’t forget to measure the performance of each new action implemented to be sure that what you are. Therefore, doing is giving good results. Also remember to make improvements and adaptations to your actions whenever necessary; in the end, every process needs to adapt to the reality of your business. Maturity: The maturity phase will only be reached after all actions are working well, that is, after the new processes are already working and producing positive results.

What is How to do benchmarking

There are 5 types of benchmarking and having. Therefore, chosen one model executive data now does not mean that you need to exclude the others. On the contrary, you can make several benches to find new ways of thinking about. Therefore, your business. 1. Internal benchmarking For this type of benchmarking, you will have your own company’s processes as a reference. But… how so? Let’s assume that you have a sales team and a marketing team.

Types of benchmarking

It may be that your sales. Therefore, team has a very well-structured process for communicating  with the Taiwan Database internal customer. Meanwhile, the marketing team may have some problems talking to the external customer. Why not. Therefore, ask the sales team for advice and think of a way to communicate internally that makes the marketing team’s job easier? Or then, you are scaling your business and want to start a new company in another city or another country.

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