You need content marketing to give your business the visibility it needs. If you export, it will be even harder to reach local markets.

Fernando Coimbra Lopes
Nov 6, 2012
Content_MarketingIn this new market where content is the fuel for the demand, lead and sales generation machine , the development of content in local languages ​​often becomes another obstacle to the realization of export plans or entry into new markets.
Create or Hire a Team of Content Creators?
If you think that all the content needed to give your business the visibility it needs must be created within the company, find out why it doesn’t have to, nor should it be the only one.

You can start by using the different “voices” you have within your organization. Whether it’s technical staff, customer service staff, executives, managers, product managers, and others in your organization, each is—or should be—an expert in a particular area of ​​the business.

You can request direct internal collaboration as:

Ask them to write/develop a whitepaper or ebook with you.
Interview these people to post short videos sharing their knowledge.
Invite them to give Indonesia Mobile Number List presentations or answer questions in webinars.
Now see if you can and should seek help for content creation outside of your own company.

There are online content markets and services that connect your marketing department to a universe of freelancers who write in different markets, countries, cultures, and who can help you create posts, ebooks and other types of written material.

If you want to use these external services, you must specify the topic, the desired style and tone, the audience you want to address, and so on. In some cases, you don’t even have to pay until you accept the final article.

Some examples of services that help you find someone to write for you are Zerys and Writeraccess . For those who use the HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform , these applications can be found in the HubSpot marketplace.

Recycle Content
Inbound Marketing Recycle
Virtually any piece of content can be adapted, reused, modified, and republished in another format. Get into the habit of finding different ways to relate and distribute the same information in different formats.

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Here are some ideas:

Combine old texts with Australia Phone Number List videos to create multimedia ebooks.
Turn videos and webinars into blog posts and vice versa.
Use FAQs and Comments to Create Ebooks
The goal of this topic is to directly address the potential client’s needs and pain points. Share your company’s various presentations in a variety of formats. Upload PDFs to SlideShare, videos to YouTube, and create posts that address specific points in the presentations.

And in your case? How do you approach the issue of content marketing to support your strategy of entering new markets? Leave us your comment below.

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