Today we start differently, okay? Let’s start with a question that will surely sound familiar to you (“How do you manage to do so many things?”) and its many variants “I don’t know how you manage to carry so many things forward ” , “you shouldn’t sleep with everything what you’re wearing in dance” or “come on, your wife (or husband) has to be pretty (or handsome) (or both, in these times).” Do they sound familiar to you? All of them to me! Well almost…

The era of energy efficiency and recycling

When Marina is in school, the day will surely come when I have to explain to her how nature regulates itself and how the life cycle of things (what we are now ignoring) makes each thing feed itself, as in a chain, of what is discarded or generated by another . The water evaporates to rain somewhere industry email list else and the plants grow so that the animals eat them and shit compost so that more plants grow while the predators eat each other, shitting and producing more plants. Something like that, but with less poop.

Let's look at another more current example

Let’s look at another more current example . A car. The truth is that I don’t understand much but I think that with the same force of the engine the fans for the air Taiwan Database conditioning are powered, the battery is recharged, power is generated for the radio and even the wheels move. TRUE? That is! You’re getting it now. With almost the same energy expenditure as its main function (making the wheels turn), the car is capable of doing many other parallel things such as cooling the cabin, recharging the battery or making the ramones sound at full blast.

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