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Fernando Coimbra Lopes
Dec 18, 2012
As we’ve seen in previous posts, it’s essential that you ensure that all new prospects who responded positively to your marketing offer receive appropriate follow-up communications.

This is when you should start thinking about sending traffic to your landing page .

First, think about ways to notify your existing contacts about the new marketing offer you just launched, or how to market to existing contact lists. Initially, your email database should be the most powerful contact database at your disposal (social followers represent another growing database).

So how do you advertise this to your Lebanon Mobile Number List email lists ? I said yours, don’t rush out and buy email lists .

Send Dedicated Email
For example, you could notify a specific list about a new ebook you’re launching, or invite them to attend an upcoming event. Dedicated emails help you set the context and introduce the call to action. Don’t use dedicated emails to reach your entire email database. Instead, they should be targeted to a list that is a good fit for the offer.

Of course, there are cases where it makes sense to send an email to your entire database, specific email marketing campaigns like the launch of a new brand or a general event, but in most cases, you will probably want to use and abuse segmentation based on the buyer persona .

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Tips for Sending Emails

Dedicated email sends are generally easy to set up and Belgium Phone Number List measure. In principle, they won’t be as complex as a newsletter, for example . Still, there are some best practices that you should keep in mind when creating your email:

Highlight a Call-to-Action
Dedicated emails should focus on driving results to a call to action (CTA). As MarketingSherpa described in a successful list-building tactic from Kodak, “CTAs weren’t placed at the end of a newsletter or at the end of another message. They were the focus of a dedicated email, which gave them much more impact.”


Personalize Emails
Show your prospects that you know them. Personalized emails not only increase open and click-through rates, but they also demonstrate a deeper connection with your audience. Make sure to use a consistent voice throughout your marketing communications .


Pay Attention to Mobile Equipment
Make sure your email layout looks good on mobile devices . With more and more people viewing emails on their smartphones, you’ll need to optimize the viewing experience, and this trend is clear.


Make Emails Social and SEO-friendly
Make sure your recipients can share the email content on social media .


Integrating social sharing buttons into your emails makes marketing easier. Also, make sure your email software creates a web-only version, which will ensure you’re leveraging your email for SEO.


Clone and Reuse
Once you have your email template ready, building targeted emails should be easy. You’ll usually start by adding some of the information you already have on your landing page , making a few tweaks to it, and spending a good chunk of time rehearsing your subject

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