Nowadays, every entrepreneur or company needs to have an Instagram profile for business. But to reap all the benefits that this social network can provide, you need to learn the techniques of those who already have results, making a business profile on Instagram the ideal channel to boost sales, strengthen the brand and create and maintain a profitable relationship with your audience.

If your Instagram profile isn’t yielding results, don’t panic, because managing an Instagram profile for business isn’t as simple as it seems, and that’s why there are qualified professionals for this type of work. They study not only the tools and resources that the networks offer, but also the behavior of their target audience, so that they can obtain the best results.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get good results.

To do so, however, you need to pay attention to the tips and advice from those who have already achieved these results. That’s what we’re proposing here: We’ll give you tips on how to better manage your Instagram profile for business!

Why Instagram?
In 2012, Instagram was purchased by Facebook and since then it has been receiving updates, which often also integrate Facebook’s own features, such as the already famous Stories.

Research over the years has shown that Instagram has an audience engagement capacity that is 15 times greater than that of Facebook itself, meaning that maintaining an Instagram profile for business can lead to better results than a Facebook profile.

Instagram for entrepreneurs
Nowadays, you can sell anything on Instagram, even indirectly. Clothing and accessories, makeup and other Guatemala Mobile Number List beauty products, and even food are all on the rise, but there is also room for digital products and services. It all depends on how you use your Instagram for business.

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Instagram for business

The companies and entrepreneurs that stand out the most are those that manage to strengthen their relationships Australia Phone Number List with their audience, gaining trust and generating greater engagement. Some valuable tips for using Instagram for entrepreneurs are:

Sponsored Posts
By sponsoring an image or post, you can make it appear more frequently and reach audiences beyond your followers. Don’t be afraid to use this feature, but use it wisely. Instagram users want to see beautiful or interesting things, so put some effort into your production.

Sweepstakes and promotions
Organize competitions and raffles , distribute gifts involving your brand so that your followers are more interested in promoting it.

Smart Hashtags
A smart way to use hashtags on Instagram for business and engage your audience is to repost images that your followers post with a hashtag, using your products and services.

Casual profile
There’s no point in creating an Instagram profile for business and only posting institutional images and ads. Use your profile in a more relaxed way, like your own followers. Imitate them, mingle with them, and show the day-to-day running of your business.

What do successful Instagram profiles do?
Learn from those who have already succeeded! Here are some famous examples:

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