Tech Crunch has no RSS button save But you can verify that Install WatcherSpy  it’s actually there Install Watcher . TechCrunchRSS feed URL save Unfortunately, not all websites use the default RSS feed URL format. Some websites like Polygon use different URLs for RSS feeds. Also, when I try to check the default URL, I get a “404NotFound” error. Another RSS link for polygons save Fortunately.

Add followers Install Watcher Spy

How to check a website’s RSS feed via FeedBurner Google Feedburner save Simply put, FeedBurner is a Google service that allows website owners to track executive email list subscribers to their RSS feeds. Other than that, it automatically retrieves active RSS feeds for a particular website. For example, let’s enter Polygon’s URL into FeedBurner. Add polygon URL to Feedburner save When you click Next , FeedBurner will automatically display all RSS feed URLs

Use tags and filters

I’ve tried this method on dozens of websites that don’t mention RSS feeds. And so far I’ve always found valid RSS feed URLs that work with WatcherSpy. Still can’t find a Taiwan Database working RSS feed URL for your favorite website? If your website really doesn’t support RSS, your best bet is to track social media. There is a possibility to schedule the promotion of social media content in advance, perhaps using the automation tool IFTTT . The best tool to follow blogs Now that you know how to reveal.

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