Turkey. However, she had to leave her higher education as an opportunity to work in television shows arose.

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Additionally, Hande briefly dated Turkish actor Burak Serdar Anal in 2015, although their relationship didn’t endure. Career YouTube video Hande Erçel, now a prominent star on television screens, initially embarked on her career as a model. Back in 2012, she participated in the special data  Miss Civilization of the World Contest and achieved the position of a runner-up in Azerbaijan. In 2014, Hande made her acting debut, taking on a supporting role as Zahide in the TV series The Wren. She also played roles in series like Çılgın Dersane Üniversitede as Meryem and Hayat Ağacı as Selen Karahanlı during the same year. However, these projects didn’t quite capture the audience’s attention.

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It was in 2015 when she landed a leading Taiwan Database  role as Selin Yılmaz in the  romantic comedy TV series Ganesan Kizlyar, which proved to be a hit among the youth, being dubbed into various languages. Handle’s breakthrough moment arrived when she starred in the romantic series Ask Laffan. 

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