Once the video is ready to be uploaded to Instagram, the next thing is to get the most out of it. To do this, it is recommended to carefully choose the screenshot and descriptive text that will be used in the publication. The cover will serve to produce interest, curiosity and expectation in the audience—to increase views—and the text will complement the message conveyed in the video. It is also worth adding subtitles, as many people watch the videos without audio and prefer to follow the story by reading the subtitles. A the video on other social networks or creating a specific one for each of them. This is with the intention of increasing the visibility of the message to be transmitted. Lastly, work on strengthening your relationship with influencers to get a viral effect with the video.

Additionally, do not rule out using

Yes, we know it sounds very professional, but it is not. We reiterate that the idea is not to obsess over the professionalization of the video, but to pay attention to the production and experiment with its associated concepts to find an attractive mix b2b email list for the audience. Furthermore, taking care of these production aspects will prevent distracting elements from entering the scene or distorting the message. The success of a video begins with its planning, goes through its production and is enhanced by distribution.


Never neglect the small details

Good videos are those that leave no loose ends for recording, editing and distribution. Business content managers need to add some basic production concepts Taiwan Database to their arsenal of skills to create outstanding videos. Which are the most important. The first and most basic is the definition of the objective of the video; then the technical aspects of recording – such as shot angles, focus, framing and lighting – and finally, guidance for editing. 

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