Ps If you want to help a colleague from making these mistakes, share the post with him. Instead, don’t share this post with anyone who copies your texts. Let him make his own mistakes all by himself 24 mistakes I didn’t want to learn the hard way 1. I wrote random posts about irrelevant topics In the very beginning, there was no head or tail in blogging. I just wrote what came to mind when I was drinking., but the stronger trust, credibility and committed readership you want, the more specific the type of text you publish must be . Especially the themes of the first posts of the Dream of Happiness blog are A skilled downshifter succeeds in his job” “Jogging morning” “To the hairdresser” “The movie is going…” “Tick, tick, tick…” Should that blog be destroyed once and for al2. I didn’t care how much the reader benefits from the posts Oh, I  (although they do make me laugh in retrospect I imagined that the reader has time to read my texts one after another.

Wish my texts had even been funny

 I even remember that I got angry when I thought a really great blog post didn’t even get read… Well, the truth is that that post is far from brilliant… 3. I didn’t know how new database to structure the blog post in the right way (which is why the reader didn’t finish reading the post) Each sentence is an opportunity to. That is why it would have been important to know from the beginning how the blog text should be structured so that the reader wants to read it from start to finish. to invest in this as well This is where we started… 24 Blogging Mistakes I Didn’t Want to Learn the Hard Way and after 8 months we were here. 24 Blogging Mistakes I Didn’t Want to Learn the Hard Way 4. I didn’t know who I was writing to a very large number of people. The end result was a bunch of texts that were not interesting and that only a few people could identify with. It’s really tempting to target a large audience.

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That doesn’t really care what you have to say. It’s much better to have 1,000 engaged readers than 10,000 readers who couldn’t care less. Identifying the right readership has brought something that is vital today – a community to discuss, share experiences and create memories. 5. I didn’t maintain a steady pace of posting This has been a really big mistake, which fortunately has changed during the late spring. Now I’ve gotten rid of this mistake, although I still don’t feel Taiwan Database like I’m in clear waters. Blog posts have been written and scheduled for a few weeks (woohoo!) but the weeks go by really fast. That’s why I try to write blog posts and schedule them, so that I always have 2-3 months of texts written and scheduled. 7. I didn’t write SEO friendly text Granted. Search engine optimization was an Achilles’ heel for myself. Not every blog post is (yet) search engine optimized, but I know a couple of gimmicks that compensate for the situation. Currently, 47.3% of readers find their way to my blog based on search results .

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