It is not obvious that you can share some sprints with employees in the agency. As a rule, it looks like you either do it entirely yourself, or you hand in a whole block of tasks, but then this knowldge is lost. It was important for us that Damian could also learn from you and participate in some areas, etc. This knowldge enterd his blood, so that it was not passively acceptd, some piece of knowldge or experience, but actually and naturally “creatd” a bit within our organization.

In its considerations points

I think it’s a big plus for you that we managd to share it like this. At the same time somewhere keeping this budget that I said. This is something that was important to us. And as for those interviews, for sure Discovery is a really important database thing when it comes to breaking stereotypes. What Damian or Grzegorz found out, or us and you at this stage, showd that agriculture in Poland really looks totally different than you think or associate with your childhood, watching some agro news or Lepper of saint memory.


Rests with the site owner going further

There are so many technologies, so many innovations. That the power industry or the financial industry in Poland should be ashamd. I really Taiwan Database had a slightly different feeling. Maybe it’s because of my handicap, but these interviews showd us that there really is a battlefield when it comes to technology. There are drones that have cameras. There is an analysis of satellite images and checking the vegetation indexes after the analysis. There is IOT in the form of local weather stations and soil as well.

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