This is where you can see the overall performance of your key metrics. 

You will find comprehensive data about your personal products and the entire store in this section. It also allows you to perform product diagnostics in search of problematic products. 

Problem products relate to certain items that could potentially face sales or operational problems. By doing product diagnostics, you will be able to prevent or at least reduce customer dissatisfaction as well as lost sales or your seller rating. 

Upgrade Requirements For Problem Products

As we mentioned earlier, problem products can affect sellers in two ways: sales performance and operational performance. Let’s talk about sales performance. These are the specific problems you may encounter when it comes to sales:

  1. Reduced visibility
  2. Fewer sales
  3. Bad conversion rate
  4. Bad review

For the first three metrics, what you need to worry about in particular is declining sales and orders in your store. To solve this problem, it is necessary to do the following: (1) upload more images and improve your product description (2) join Shopee campaigns (examples are Beauty Bazaar and Home & Lifestyle) or other advertising tools provided by Shopee such as add -ounces, discount promotions, and free shipping promotions. 

As for the fourth product metric (the one with poor reviews), it has an impact on your overall online store ranking. Therefore, it whatsapp mobile number list can also pull your sales performance. To overcome this, you should work to improve customer service by responding to questions and problems in a timely manner. You can also do this by ensuring that all the products you sell are of good quality. 

These are potential product issues that you should pay attention to:

  1. High return demand

Understanding the Shopee Business Insights Selling Module

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To drive your sales, it’s important to have an understanding of the three key metrics that make up your sales overview: visitors, conversion rate, and sales per buyer.

Your visitors relate to traffic or the number of people interacting with your store or products at any given time. Your Taiwan Database conversion rate is the percentage of people who went from visitor to buyer (made a successful purchase). There are three steps in the conversion process: (1) the visit (2) the order is placed (3) the order is paid. It’s important that you understand each step of this process because it allows you to identify the strong links and weak links that impact your completed sales. 

So how do you go about increasing your sales using the Shopee Business Insights Sales Module? 

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