Title tags refin by google this topic comes up from time to time during discussions about why google arbitrarily changes the title tag of a well-thought-out website? In the fall of 2021. Google wrote about its update regarding the creation of title tags. The basic idea in this reform is that google makes more use of visually visible sections on the web page. Such as h1 headings. When defining title tags. Because it feels that they match the content of the page better compar to a manually defin title tag.

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Google tends to favor and better index pages with original and unique content. By copying content from elsewhere. Youre only hurting your search engine visibility. Whats the harm in duplicate content and cannibalization of keywords? The biggest problems that business database duplicate content causes on the site search engines do not know which version of the page they want to index. Search engines dont know where to direct the link juice to the page. Or alternatively they split it into several different versions. Search engines dont know which version should be rank in the search results. The problems in question lead to a decrease in search engine visibility.

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What steps should be taken so that your sites images show up in image searches made with lens? Alternative texts or alt Taiwan Database texts of pictures should be put in order. Alt texts are easy to underestimate. Because they are tious to write manually and they do not directly affect the search results. When thinking about image searches. However. The situation is completely different. Because googles bots do not yet know how to interpret images in the same way as text.

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