Pick a Blog Name or Topic The first thing before you go ahead with writing any blog is to choose the topic on which you have decided to write on based on your life experiences, hobbies, and passions, or could be a personal blog that describes you. The only thing that you need to consider is that an ideal blog title is always descriptive. Choosing an appropriate CMS The CMS is the content management system, where you put all your blogging files in. Some of the CMS examples are Joomla, WordPress, Wix, Typepad, Drupal, etc. Out of all the CMS, WordPress is the most renowned platform for creating and publishing blogs.

Select your plan and create a password for your account

A survey is conducted, and the results declare that currently, more than business lead of the bloggers are using WordPress.  Get a domain name A domain name is the web address for your blog (for example- www.DomainName.com). Domain name reflects your blog niche, so this step is very crucial. You have to choose an ideal domain name that justifies the topic of your blog. You should always try choosing the ‘.com’ extension rather than going for a ‘.org’ or ‘.info’ or ‘.net’. It is because .com is easier to remember and pronounce among the users.

Customize and Design your blog

And never go for dash or any number in the domain. Also Read Taiwan Database Ways to Earn Money from Facebook 4. Signing Up with Web Hosting Provider Whatever CMS you have chosen, selecting the best web hosting provider is imperative. Through web hosting, you are going to host your blog. And hosting your blog means storing all the content of your blog at places like text files, images, videos, CSS files, etc. that makes it accessible for all the users over the internet. There are many web hosting service providers that are available, but ‘Bluehost’ is one of the best providers that give its customers a free domain name for the first year of their web hosting address. Moreover, it is reliable, fast, and streamline your blogging experience much better as compared to the other web hosting providers. It has many other additional features due to which are pre-dominantly used especially by first-time bloggers. Some of its other benefits are that it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, free SSL certificate, exceptional 24/7 live support customer care and that is the reason it is used by more than 2 lakhs websites all over the world.

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