Here you can enter the name of the manufacturer, mention the available variants and colors, refer to the availability of the product or the cost and time of shipping. Write them yourself On websites that have thousands of subpages, such as shops, special programs are most often used to automatically create meta descriptions. However, if you have the opportunity, time and resources, build a separate text for each subpage individually. Thanks to this, you will be able to respond to the needs and intentions of the user in the most complete way.

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How NOT to write a meta description You already know how to create meta descriptions. Now find out what mistakes to avoid. Duplication of meta tags . For both title and description. The meta description should be closely related to the page itrefers to. Description inconsistent with the content of phone number list the site. In such a situation, the user will quickly leave it and at the same time lose trust in the site. Meta description . If the description is not understandable and useful for the user, they are less likely to enter the site. Keyword stuffing.

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This will not make the description more attractive to Google, let alone to the recipient. Double quotation marks. This is information for Google that it may truncate the description at this point. If you want to use it because the quotation marks arenecessary to convey the information, use a special character, change it in the HTML code. The symbols are thus interpreted appropriately by the browser and displayed in the form of a character. Meta description and impact on SEO In , Google announced that meta descriptions do not affect the positioning of a site and are not Taiwan Database a ranking factor. And yes, meta description and SEO have no direct relationship.

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