The Long Tail can double the visits to your Blog in a few months. You really wanted to talk to you about the enormous potential that the “Long Tail” has within our content strategy, and how it can considerably improve our web positioning or SEO . When you are thinking about writing content to position your Blog for a certain keyword, sometimes you don’t stop to think about the opportunities that certain keywords have when we analyze their Long Tail , but you will see in this post that when you want to write a new article for your Blog, you don’t have to think about positioning yourself in a single keyword, but rather you can position yourself in hundreds of keywords.

The Long Tail and SEO to Improve

The Long Tail and SEO to improve . When we want to position a business on the Internet, one of the first steps we must take is to do a keyword study or in other words, we do a market study in real time. With this study we will obtain information about the interests of users. When we apply the Long Tail to SEO, what we obtain are the combinations email contact list  or search suggestions that we can obtain from a base term, in this way we can cover more specific and smaller niches where it will surely be simpler and easier for us to position ourselves.

How to find keywords with a broader Long Tail

How to find keywords with a broader Long Tail. The objective is simple, we need to find the greatest number of topics in our sector and where we have a clear objective of positioning ourselves. Therefore, and where the number of combinations is hundreds of keywords, or failing. Therefore, the greatest number possible. Through this method, what we do is carry out a concordance study of those Taiwan Database terms that we want to position or that are found in our keyword base study. Therefore, and with this determine which are the keywords with the greatest number of combinations or with a better long tail .

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