Shopee Business Insights Analytics Overview Available

Gaining a higher perspective and leveraging data in the right way is very important for eCommerce sellers. Data can help you in big ways when it comes to determining the leverage points of your online store that can impact you positively or negatively. Shopee Business Insights provides you with this data. 

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What is Shopee Business Insights?

Shopee Business Insights is an in-app feature in the Shopee seller hub that allows sellers to see how their store is Latest Mailing Database performing. The performance dashboard will give you an idea of ​​how your store is performing with respect to achieving your overall business goals. There are also key metrics that can help you determine your best performing products and how to increase your sales. 

Here’s a quick summary of the important things you can do with Shopee Business Insights:

  • Identify insights 
  • Interpret trends
  • Take a look at your product-level data
  • Have a better understanding of your sales metrics
  • Check your real-time shop performance

Why Use Shopee Business Insights?

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Just like how you used to rely on data and hard research to strategize a future action for your brick and mortar store, it is very important that you do the same with your eCommerce business. By doing so, you ensure that your tactics are based on facts and business logic. While viewing your Shopee sales summary already gives you a good idea of ​​how your online store is performing, using Shopee Business Insights allows you to have a deeper view of your current situation.

Here are some examples of how Shopee Business Insights becomes a leverage point in your business success:

  • It helps you understand Taiwan Database your current position compared to your competitors
  • You’ll be able to see the connection in how your previous actions impact traffic and sales
  • Data will help you anticipate potential future challenges you may face
  • It can help you make sales and business forecasts
  • You can determine actions that could harm your business interests

Just log in to the Shopee Seller Center. Under the Data side navigation, tap on Business Insights.

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