You can add various types of content blocks into the editor after clicking on the ‘Add Block’ icon through the Gutenberg editor. Apart from the blocks, you can also add some captivating visual flair for the readers. For this, you need to click on the ‘Featured Image’ tab which would be visible on the right-hand side of the screen, upload and save the image. In order to add a Welcome Page on your website homepage, you need to navigate Pages and click on ‘Add New’, and then add the title of the blog. For adding further pages to your blog, repeat the same process, and hit the tab publish after adding every page.

Choose a Theme or Layout

You need to navigate your website’s dashboard and go to business database Appearance>Themes, then click on Add New from the top, to install a new theme as shown below: You can check out each theme by clicking on Live Preview to get you an idea of how it will look on your blog. You can use the feature filter option to find more themes such as the Latest themes, Popular themes, featured themes, etc. Once you have got what you are looking for, you can activate it by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button.

Install Useful Plugins and Customize your blog

Adding and Installing plugins is one of the best Taiwan Database ways to enhance your  website functionality and generating higher profit revenue each month by increasing the traffic on your website.

There are ample free plugins and libraries available on many CMS, including WordPress and other external sites. As we have assumed that you are using WordPress, visit its dashboard, click on Plugins> Add New to install plugins. To know more about the plugins you can click on ‘More Details’ and click on the ‘Install Now’ tab. Once it is installed, you need to click on the ‘Activate’ button.

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