Social media and messaging services . such as Telegram, have been one of the preferred channels for passing on information about the situation in . Ukraine and Russia. It is through these means that many communicate and reveal everything that is happening in this conflict.

Telegram, being a Russian service, has been one of the most used, despite all the misinformation out there. Pavel Durov, the creator of this service. Has already assured that it will not be blocked, but asks everyone to be careful with the information they share.

Telegram Ukraine Russia Pavel Durov information

Telegram is widely used in Russia
As a result of the way it ensures the security Shandong Mobile Number List of its users. Telegram is prevented from controlling the content that is spread. There is no access to the messages that are shared, which makes it an excellent platform for sharing false information.

This was how Pavel Durov and his team wanted to stop . The sharing of false or unreliable information about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Telegram Ukraine Russia Pavel Durov information

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Service was about to be blocked in Ukraine

Many users have asked us not to block Cambodia Phone Number List Telegram channels during the conflict because we are the only source of information. With these requests in mind, we have decided not to consider such measures. However, I would like to ask you once again in this difficult time to verify the information and not to take any data published on Telegram channels as fact.

In the message he shared on his Telegram channel, Pavel Durov revealed the entire situation, as well as the decisions taken. He also warned users to be very careful with the information they share about Ukraine or Russia, and to always validate the sources so as not to spread false information.


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