Here, we will focus on the second aspect: users’ marked preference for consuming video content. Video marketing the name we professionals give to this trend – is one of the keys to attracting and retaining the attention of audiences on social networks. Today, from video content, communities can be built, interaction levels increased and transactions produced. Unfortunately, many brands have not realized this and continue to appeal to traditional content, those that are little surprising and get lost in the middle of the ocean of information that circulates.

Our intention with this publication

Now, it’s worth clarifying that we’re not saying that the only type of content that should be posted on social media is video. No! That would be a misinterpretation of what we want to convey. Our intention with this publication is to insist that business leaders business lead work on creating video content and begin to give this type of content a leading role within the editorial line of each social network, because the mix of formats remains important to achieve high levels of involvement.


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Video content reaches a much higher

This is where video comes in as a savior. It is metrically proven that videos for Instagram provide excellent interaction rates. Video content reaches a much higher volume of comments and reactions than other formats. That is, using video Taiwan Database in the editorial line and giving it a large portion of the total publications could quickly increase community involvement and, consequently, the results obtained on Instagram.

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