Instagram users are eager to receive and consume simple and honest videos from brands. The important thing is not to create high-level videos, but rather sequences that produce emotions, that tell stories and that bring the audience closer. Companies must look for new narratives to interact with their followers, and these must include concrete messages and be easy to follow. Simplicity should also be taken as a call to create short videos —remember that Instagram only allows videos of up to sixty seconds in its feed and up to fifteen in its stories— , with agile transitions and in a language that is understandable to all audiences.

It is worth reading and researching

We’re not here to tell you that you should buy a professional camera or hire a video production company. That would be a requirement that would take you away from creating content in this medium. What’s more, we believe that the most attractive b2b leads thing about the current videos circulating on social networks is that clear tendency towards an amateur appearance . However, we do want to advise you that you should work intensely to improve the image quality. Protecting it is also taking care of the essence of the message. It is worth reading and researching good recording and editing practices; the use of filters or processing tools; and the dimensions and resolution appropriate for Instagram.

Don't miss the opportunity to impact

A video without sound is like a pixelated image. Audio plays a very important role so that the video reaches high levels of visibility. But Taiwan Database not because of technical aspects or related to the Instagram algorithm, but because of its contribution to the user experience when consuming the content. Voices, narrations, music or simply the ambient sound captured in the recording add emotionality to the message. Don’t miss the opportunity to impact the audience with sound. Provide sensations or intentions from the audio. Planning this accompaniment to the video images and protecting their quality is a part that cannot be neglected during the recording and production of the content.

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