Cláudio says that recent advances in Artificial Intelligence will give birth to very intelligent virtual assistants and applications capable of understanding, manipulating and generating complex data that only people could understand until then. Internet of Things Today you can access the Internet not only through your computer or cell phone, but through cars, watches and even refrigerators. Unlike the Internet that you and I use to browse, the Internet of Things connects all these different types of devices to the network. This connection between different objects makes it possible to automate processes previously reserv exclusively for human action.

A smart watch can detect a heart attack

A smart watch can detect a heart attack and call the hospital the moment the person wearing it goes into crisis, for example. It is expect that this type of technology will have a profound impact on Digital Marketing as we know it — and the only way to take advantage of this wave is to be prepar for it! Tip: 22 biggest Digital Marketing trends for 2023 Augment Reality First, I want to say that Augment Reality is different Latest database from Virtual Reality. In the first, we use electronic objects to expand how we interact with the real world , typically using a device’s camera.

Virtual Reality is a world separate

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