The Moment In fact, artificial intelligence is considered to be the biggest turning point in marketing to date and will open absolutely endless doors of opportunity for those working in the industry. At least that’s what Salesforce President and Chief Bolivia Phone Number List Marketing Officer Sarah Franklin thinks, and we had the chance to interview her during the CRM giant’s Connections event in Chicago last week.

The Impact of This Technology

According to a recent survey, the economic situation was still weak in 2002, and the sales of imagesetters email database dropped by 35%. While the CTP plate-making machine (Platesetter) market increased by more than 40%. If offset printing companies do not need film and plate companies. Therefore, why not buy them? The vast majority of people buy imagesetters and platesetters. If film must be used, a platesetter can be used for both film and proofing surfaces.

The Production Efficiency is Very Different

This year’s Connections event has a strong focus on artificial intelligence. On marketing is undeniable. Is artificial Taiwan Database intelligence the biggest game-changer yet in marketing? Yes. Artificial Intelligence is an absolutely massive change for our industry and profession, and an incredible opportunity for all of us working in marketing. AI has entered the marketing world and revolutionized the discipline.

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