Conversions means a proportional increase in macro conversions. Regularly tracking intermediate micro-conversions allows you to identify site visitors’ intent to purchase or complete a transaction; poorly designed, low-quality areas of your site can be its weak spots. Usually at some stage something repels or alerts the user. As a result, he gave up his intention to buy. It is enough to optimize the weakness and the efficiency of the proposal will be restored. Also read Marketing Glossary Even with a professional education and decent experience it is important to know and use marketing jargon freely to stay informed. Read more on this St.

Engagement shows the level of interest of a potential buyer or visitor

Advertising Metrics ROI is the ratio of advertising profit to advertising investment. The main economic indicator that allows you to evaluate which whatsapp mobile number list strategy you should adopt and how effective your advertising campaign is. Allows you to calculate return on investment. It takes income and investment into account. The ratio between the values ​​reveals the profitability or non-profitability of the business process. ROI is an important metric. However, as far as the advertising business is concerned, the calculation time of this indicator shall not be earlier than six months after the start of the campaign.

Specifically what can attract him

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Its value is influenced not only. By advertising performance.  Indicators but also by. The company’s stage. of development, industry, demand, and frequency of Taiwan Database purchase of the proposed product. Among other but no less important indicators of the effective functioning of advertising material published on the site they usually take into account the number of failures. The time a visitor spends viewing a single page of the website is limited to seconds; the duration of viewing a page of the website. View depth. The average number of pages a user views per visit to a website.

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