Email marketing tool It has a very interesting option to improve the opening rate of emails: “ timely delivery ” system, This system optimizes the best delivery time for each user on the list, thereby increasing the opening rate. Pros: It has an automatic trigger(“ trigger”), which you can initiate an action to the user based on the user’s behavior(if they have opened, if they have clicked). You can launch an email marketing campaign that includes dynamic content (in the subject or body), which is displayed only to eligible users.

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It has a very powerful heatmap option to analyze the number new data of clicks that have been sent emails. Automatic anti-spam analysis of e-mail activity. Integration with. Disadvantages: The interface looks outdated. There are no user tags; it only allows you to create groups. It has a plugin, but only with integration, which is required for several. The data is not easily found in email send volume reports(they call it “ revenue”).

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 Akumba Mail is a Spanish-language email marketing tool that provides SMS marketing and landing pages in addition to email delivery services. It has a payment plan and a credit payment plan. You can also have automation starting with the EURO Taiwan Database basic plan. Mail Interface Integrates with some of the most commonly used tools, such as, or . A very interesting feature to get better opening rates is the option to send an email at the time each subscriber is most active.

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