Think about how much easier it is to get a steady number of readers from Google than to spend hours thinking about contests and organizing sweepstakes… By the way, did you know that if you make 6 mistakes with Google, your blog may be removed from Google altogether…?? 24 Blogging Mistakes I Didn’t Want to Learn the Hard Way 8. I didn’t make summaries at the end of the posts ARGH! And I still forget this. Maybe 1/20 blog posts have a summary at the end. The summary is important because some readers quickly scroll through the blog text from beginning to end, form an overall picture of the to read the text with thought or not.

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With the help of the summary, you have the opportunity to get more engaged readers. 9. There was no clear new data red thread in the writing I am a non-diagnosed add. It means that I immerse myself in my thoughts, I get bored easily and sometimes the idea of ​​the blog post changes completely during the writing. So I started with one thought and ended with fifteen. The structure of the blog post alone helped to outline what I was writing, but the writing process itself still needed polishing. That’s why I’ve tried to develop my own process for writing, which  thread and stick to it. 10. I wrote the title of the blog post BEFORE I wrote the content If you write the title before the blog post , there is a big risk that the title will limit the content too much or target it to the wrong readers. I usually make a “working title” for the blog before I write the content itself. But I always edit the final title before publishing the text.

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 This way, I make sure that the title summarizes the essential information about the post and definitely promises what I am writing about. 11. I edit posts too much I have been re-reading several blog posts since then. Oh no! The beginning is usually promising, but at some point the Taiwan Database red thread disappears. One reason is the lack of a writing process – the other is editing. Editing is an important part of writing a blog post, but never do it immediately after writing. Let the post brew overnight and only then edit. 12. I didn’t want to upset anyone As a former school bully, I avoid conflicts to the last. Making people angry is something I just don’t want to do. Still, I know that walking the golden mean isn’t always good. Readers like it when a blogger has opinions. And that they are brought out.

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