Is there another way to overcome laziness when coding your version? Or from the ten methods above, is there anything interesting for you to try or have you tried? Don’t hesitate to write your answer in the comments column. Come on, let’s destroy the laziness within us together! By sharing motivation and how to overcome it in the comments  is believed to increase enthusiasm and maintain stamina. you drink into lines of code. Have you been able to overcome your feeling of laziness in coding yet? If so, come on, let’s learn coding together at Dicoding. Apart from preventing laziness from appearing, doing easy coding first will also help you to complete difficult coding. column. Lazy coding.

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Ways to overcome it that you can try – by Robby Takdirillah , Intern Junior Make Progress with Atomic Habit How many times have you failed? I have lost count of them. But honestly I never counted the number of times because failing for me ws number list is part of making progress. Consistency in building this progress is important to maintain. Focus on Making Progress, not Failure The Spurs are one of the most successful and best teams in the NBA. One of the journalists tried to find out their secret and found lots of posters in various languages containing quotes from Jacob Riis which they placed in various places. The quote is as followS.

I know it wasn’t that blow that made

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If all efforts don’t help, I will go see a stone breaker hitting the stone perhaps hundreds of times without a single crack appearing. At the 100th hit the stone will split into two. the stone break, but all the previous blows.” (Jacob Riis) How many rocks to hit really depends on how consistently the rock breaker hits. The hardness of stones Taiwan Database cannot be changed. However, we as humans can maintain consistency in hitting. But it wasn’t the poster that made Spurs so successful. For Spurs, winning is not the main focus, but consistently making progress that makes them successful. Even the smallest progress.

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