Luckily for you, using the web to market brands is becoming the cutting edge of this hyper-connected world. Online commerce includes sales, content management, customer service, public relations and online reputation.

Feedback is one of the main pillars of digital marketing and for this reason, we will dedicate today’s post to it so that you can get the most out of your tools.

What is feedback

. It consists of the opinion of an interlocutor on a given topic, based on his or her point of view on the analysis of a situation or thing.

It is a bidirectional communication process that requires a sender and a receive=

Due to its bidirectional nature, communication Brazil Phone Number Data is dynamic and fluid , allowing the exchange of positions between the sender and the receiver; the former receives feedback.

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Feedback and marketing

Feedback in the marketing world refers to Lebanon Phone Number List the communication relationship between the customer and the brand of a product; that is, in the field of sales,aintain the standards of your company or business . Social networks are the main support point for the feedback you expect.

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