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In addition, At the initial stage of creating a website or startup should be several times higher than the cost of directly developing a website startup or company. In the later stages of development experts recommend following rules: Marketing costs should be between profit per customer, cost, value Ideally this number is usually not exceeded. Lower spending often impedes sales growth.

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In addition, Conclusion Experts suggest how to calculate the effect of advertising. Experts suggest that even in times of economic crisis, do not reduce advertising database investment. Part of the cost must be used to promote business projects. Keeping ad spend at the same level or even increasing it can ensure sales growth and generate ad revenue. Website companies that maintained marketing investment levels in the first two years after the market recovered experienced much faster sales growth and segment expansion. Website companies that stick to the strategy of cutting budgets for work in the marketing department are expected to lose profitability.

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In addition,  Advertising is multi-faceted and multi-layered education. It creates the company’s reputation. The image that a service or new product enters the market is Taiwan Database formed through the efforts of marketers. In addition, The effectiveness of promotions, announcements and publications depends largely on the size of the advertising budget. Sign up to order articles from our exchange of writers. In addition, Choose the best writers to write your content. Grow your business by attracting new clients.

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